What is Lead Nurturing, and Why Does it Matter?

As a business, perfecting your sales strategy is a crucial element of your success. Making the right moves to get results can make a difference in your bottom line. Using lead generation to acquire prospects is a major piece of the puzzle, but what happens after you find the lead? If you don’t have a lead nurturing process in place, those leads may not be as solid as you think.

What is Lead Nurturing?

The true benefit of lead nurturing is to assist companies in finding their ideal customer. Lead nurturing addresses this challenge by:

  • Sending the right messages to the right person at the right time.
  • Building a perceived value as a result of the trust established.

Getting sales leads for the sake of following protocol can actually hurt a company’s bottom-line. Landing new customers that are not ideal for your business model provides immediate revenue, but not long-term gains. Lead nurturing streamlines the process of lead generation, identifying and fulfilling prospect’s needs at every stage. By implementing these techniques, we can assist companies in identifying their ideal prospects to better focus on customer conversions for long-term profitability.

Lead Nurturing Best Practices

Understanding the best practices of lead nurturing as you refine your sales and marketing processes is important. While the marketing process and automation makes nurturing easier, here are some other practices that are essential in helping to turn leads into sales:

  • The marketing department collaborating with sales to define leads.
  • Scoring leads based on definitions.
  • Utilizing the four kinds of lead nurturing (Incoming Lead Processing, Stay in Touch, Accelerators, Lead Lifecycle).
  • Let prospects customize their nurturing communications by frequency, format and interest.

Why Lead Nurturing Matters

Taking the time to nurture leads helps define and refine your sales process, increasing your ROI for positive outcomes. With the lead nurturing process:

  • The sales team pays more attention to marketing-generated leads.
  • The contact-to-lead conversion rate increases.
  • There are more sale opportunities and prospects converting into sales.

Building relationships with your prospects is important, regardless of when they plan to buy. Today’s customer relies on engagement at every stage. Your prospects want to trust your insight and knowledge through valued content to get the information they need. Your goal is to enhance your sales and marketing efforts by reshaping your strategy to respond to these needs.

How to Do It Right

Lead Nurturing is an effective way to increase sales and enhance your ROI. We’ll help you find the right solution that will work to your advantage. For more information on how lead nurturing can work for you, contact us today!