We are an analytics-driven agency powered by research, client collaboration, and goals.

Connect Agency has been building market-leading brands since 2009. Performance focused, we create marketing campaigns that fundamentally change the way brands connect with people. And we’ve built an agency that gives brands new ways to intersect the consumer journey at every stage of the purchase path.

We are data junkies.

We are always looking for more and more data to give us a clearer picture of what is working and what isn’t working for our clients. But we don’t stop there. We want to answer the “So What?” question when looking at the data. We take that data and translate it into actionable steps to build, strengthen, or troubleshoot strategies on an ongoing basis.

We are content connoisseurs.

Good content starts with the right words, but great content doesn’t stop there. We use text, charts, graphs, video, interactive tools, and other mechanisms to get the most out of a user’s experience with our content. We think looking at the entire picture is a good thing. But maybe that's just us.

We are avant-garde artists.

From graphic design and video production to digital ads and website layouts, our creative team keeps hunting for the best layout, the right angle, and the freshest take. We make creative that is really smart and really good-looking. Like if Albert Einstein were cute.

We are efficiently agile.

Ninjas. Ninjas are efficiently agile, and that's exactly what we're like. In everything we do, from the research and development to design and execution, we keep light on our feet and hunt for the most efficient path to solve the problem, complete the project, and get the win.

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