Content Marketing: Where To Start?

Effective content marketing doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel. You probably already have good content somewhere: monthly newsletters, discussion posts on LinkedIn, annual reports, or even sales presentations. Don’t let it just sit there! How can you utilize your existing content more effectively to reach your target audience? Instead of spending resources and time to write all-new content, first look at your existing content and follow the three steps below to repurpose it to market your brand. This will provide a kickstart to your content marketing efforts and serve as a baseline for adding fresh, new content over time.

Reorganize: Present the Topic in a Different Way

Have a plan in place to review and reorganize the content you’ve already created to develop another piece of content that can take your topic even further. Articles that you have written can be turned into infographics, or expanded into eBooks/white papers and other pieces that will rejuvenate what you’ve done and re-engage your audience. This helps you get the most out of your pieces, increases productivity and saves time developing new topics.

Rewrite: Add a New Perspective to the Topic

Taking a different perspective on content that already exists can be beneficial. Think about the piece you are considering to repurpose – was it interesting? Was it popular? How many times was it shared? How can you make it more relevant to today’s audience? Adding a few new points or statistics, removing bland areas and changing the title to focus on popular keywords and topics can work effectively in offering a new point of view.

Retire: Know When to Move On to a New Topic

Once you have reorganized or rewritten your piece, analyzed the metrics and determined it’s time to go in a new direction, retire the content. Keeping a captive audience requires consistency in providing new, relevant content that serve a purpose. You do not want information that is too old being circulated to your audience. When determining whether or not you want to retire certain pieces, think about the statistics/sources previously used to create the content. Is there updated information readily available? Is the audience still interested in this topic? How relevant is the content? All of these factors play a role in making the decision to retire or repurpose a piece of content.

These rules will help you keep your focus on relevant content for continued audience engagement. Working smarter by incorporating a number of brand pieces will ensure there is always something of interest for every user and will help you stand out from the competition. Effective high-quality content distributed in a number of ways helps position you as an authority in your field, elevating your brand. Connect with us today to learn how we can help position your brand as an industry leader through content marketing.