The Power of Social Influencers

There is nothing like the power of social influence. Good social influencers can help your campaign reach your audience, leverage your brand, gain new followers and increase sales and interest. Knowing how to use social influencers effectively is key, especially during a digital campaign to promote awareness and recognized value of a brand.

Identifying your Needs

Once you fully understand the problem, you are better positioned to implement strategies that make a difference. Engaging in the steps of successful brands and their thought leaders is the first step in achieving success:

  • Pick the right social media channel.
  • Know who follows you & who your advocates are.
  • Create engaging content.

These are elements that will form the basis of your campaign strategy to connect with your audience and provide the metrics you need to move ahead.

Know Your Channel

Picking the right social media channel for your audience is crucial to position yourself as an industry leader and resource. Knowing your audience’s psychographics and demographics and which channel works best for your campaign will make a difference in the types of content you offer and messages used to engage your audience. Once you pick the social media channel that will help you leverage your position, creating a blog that is filled with valuable content, photos and engagement to promote awareness. Every communication piece and message must be visually attractive to stand out among your competitors.

Know Your Audience

Mining your social media channels is important in pinpointing those people and communities who not only follow you, but have a large influence over audience opinion. These are the people that can drive traffic your way, introduce your products and services, and get people talking. These people know and understand your audience, and the things that matter to them.

There are five types of social influencers that can help redefine your target audience, locate new ones and enhance your campaigns. They are: the social butterfly, the sharer, the user, the advocate and the discoverer. Of the five, the advocate is the most powerful. These are the people that care about your messages, can provide insight on audience perception, and communicate the strengths and weaknesses of your campaign. Advocates not only expose your messages to a wider audience, but immediately increase the return on investment.

Know Your Message

Every campaign and message distributed to your audience must be well-thought and strategized. You must put major effort into continually producing fresh content that will keep your current audience engaged, but be effective enough to reach others through discovery. Know your intent to leverage your position.

Using social influencers effectively will increase engagement, shift perceptions and enhance your brand. Our client DVI used social influencers to gain ground in their market by reaching their target audience, gaining interest and acquiring new followers to enhance growth and create new partnerships.