Big Changes on the Horizon for Social Media – Are You Prepared?

As a business, staying on top of your social media is not a choice, it’s a necessity. Understanding the rules of engagement is crucial in ensuring your visibility and high levels of user engagement. Going forward into 2015, there are significant changes that will be instrumental in the way you conceptualize and create your campaigns.

Changes on the Horizon

Users are fed up with their news feeds continuously being filled with advertisements. Social media networks recognize that fact and are implementing protocols and changes that will affect how marketing is done. Facebook has begun evaluating posts considered “overly promotional,” to alleviate the demand for marketers who want contingencies in place for the lack of reach in unpaid posts. Starting in January, Facebook will change the way ads appear on user timelines, forcing retailers and marketers to purchase ads for certain types of posts. This is a drastic change for companies that rely on organic methods to get the word out, creating a niche market for those companies who have the money to spend.

Although many companies utilize social media, the learning curve on how it can enhance your brand may not register. Maintaining your social media channels is a lot of work, but when done effectively, can directly reflect in your bottom line.

Elements of Customer Engagement

There are a number of elements involved in creating social media strategies that will garner results. Here are a few:

Knowing your audience

To effectively reach your target market, you must know and understand your audience. Asking the hard questions and deciphering the analytics take time.

Outlining your objectives

What do you hope to obtain from using social media? How will you measure your success? What does the perfect audience look like?

Creating the right content

Using content that will keep current and potential customers engaged and looking for more is a key element in effectively using social media which should be a central part of any campaign.

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