Tactical Testimonials to Build Your Brand

Using testimonials in business marketing

When marketing your business, one of the most effective strategies is word-of-mouth referrals. These can also translate into testimonials from customers who are pleased with your product or service and want to share their experience with others.

Testimonials are an excerpt from a customer about what your product or service did, and their overall reaction. This is a good marketing tactic because it provides a personal perspective about your business and keeps potential customers engaged and informed. Testimonials can be used in a variety of ways to directly target your audience in an impactful way. They can be found on sections of a website, on marketing materials, and other resources that attract customers. For example, a testimonial embedded into the content of your marketing pieces adds relevancy and credibility to your marketing tactics because it is provided from a source with firsthand experience.

Why are they relevant?

One of the main reasons testimonials are so relevant is because they are timeless. They can be used on a number of channels to talk about your product or service, and are a quick sales pitch without sounding gimmicky. Depending on your marketing goals, each testimonial can be tailored and highlighted in a way that will deliver the largest impact to your bottom line.

What makes them effective?

Testimonials can help convince consumers that the product or service they are interested in truly makes a difference. The unbiased message adds a personal connection between the consumer and the business, and can help a potential consumer visualize themselves using the product or service. Testimonials also help build trust, which is an added benefit for your brand and those who are interested in learning more about your offerings.

How can you acquire testimonials?

Most businesses simply send out surveys or ask for feedback. There are also customers who are so pleased with the product or service that they send emails directly to the company, which can also be used in strategic communications. If you are having trouble generating quality testimonials, it may be worth incentivizing your customers for feedback through gift cards or discount on their next service.

Testimonials are one of the most valued pieces of marketing you can use, which is one of the reasons businesses value customers who are eager to share their experiences with others. When you use testimonials that showcase your brand in a positive light, you are able to organically build loyalty, trust, and awareness, resulting in repeat customers.

There is no limit to how testimonials can help build your brand. Be selective in how you position your messages, and the testimonials will do the rest.