Ideal Content Length to Increase Engagement

Social Media and Marketing words

With many of today’s readers more engaged in social media than with traditional media, crafting the right message to attract and keep those readers is important. Leading with headlines and messages that pack a punch from the beginning will assist in getting the target audience you seek.

Every post, tweet, or e-mail should be focused on growing your audience and positioning yourself as an industry expert through user engagement. So, what is the ideal length for each popular social media site? We’ll take a look at a few of the most popular internet platforms and dig into what character lengths work best.


Facebook is one of the most popular outreach platforms. According to a study done by Jeff Bullas, 40-character posts are the most effective when attaining customer engagement. If a Facebook post is 2 paragraphs, odds are you’re going to lose some readers in the content. Make the post short, friendly and too the point to increase engagement.


Although Twitter has the option of carrying 140 characters, the ideal length would be 100 characters to keep the audience interested. Readers want quick information that will answer a question, solve a problem, or provide information they are interested in. Twitter became so popular because of its ability to break headline news, in a low number of characters and quickly. Promote your business the same way, short and timely. Having an image attached to a tweet will also help to increase engagement.


Blog posts should be kept to a minimum of 350 words and a maximum of 1600 words to keep readers interested in what you have to say. It’s important to stay within a five to seven-minute window to keep them focused on the topic, and formulate questions that will propel them to seek more. Format is also important. Using bullet points, bolding and italics will help the reader pick out key information.

E-mail Subject Lines

The subject line of an e-mail will either grab the reader’s attention or make them ignore it. The ideal length for a subject line should be between twenty-eight and thirty-nine characters. Anything longer will seem redundant, and anything too short might not carry your message well. Using special characters like brackets or an asterisk will also help catch the recipients eye.


Google+ is being used by more people who seek to connect and exchange information. Keep your posts to 60 characters and you will continue to grow an audience of individuals who will anticipate what you have to say.

Need help crafting your message?

Every online vehicle you use must be strategically planned to be most effective. Readers absorb content very quickly and usually only digest small pieces of information at a time. Getting the point across with short messages will keep them interested long after the message has been read.

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