Clear Payment Solutions

Arlington Toyota
March 28, 2014
March 28, 2014

Sales lead generation

Engagement Marketing

Clear Payment Solutions is a credit card processing company that specializes in the non-profit and retirement sector. The company’s traditional sales model focused on outbound sales and cold-calling throughout the southeast, which was costly and time consuming. They hired us to support their sales operations by developing an inbound marketing and lead generation campaign to drive qualified leads into the office, which would eliminate the need for outside sales representatives and enhance growth.

Content-Specific Engagements

myclearpayments-web-csAssessing the current sales model, we came in and developed an inbound marketing campaign that included a series of content-specific engagements to address what the customers wanted to hear and learn on topics such as payment processing, fundraising, development and mobile credit card solutions to enhance fundraising goals. Through the use of search engine tracking and social media monitoring, our team was better able to understand clients’ needs, identify target decision makers and uncover industry pain points that had a direct impact on sales progression. By gathering and evaluating this information, the team was able to create relevant content addressing these points of interest which was accessible on the website. We then optimized the site with content-specific keywords for search engines and clear call-to-action directives that helped build an email database for further use.

The final and most impactful tactic was the introduction of free bi-monthly webinars, broadcasting the news through LinkedIn and groups to gain interest and enhance brand identity as an industry expert. Through careful implementation, the existing email list and new list compiled from the call-to-action directives and free webinars were used to qualify leads. The leads were then disseminated to the in-house sales people for follow-up calls and customized sales pitches based on interest and participation history.

By incorporating content-specific messaging, implementing inbound sales tactics with clear call-to-actions and constantly optimizing for conversion, Clear Payment Solutions was able to increase their sales pipeline. These enhancements helped provide outstanding results, surpassing the original goal of 25 qualified leads per month into 10 to 12 signups per week. By changing their sales model from an outbound to an inbound marketing strategy, they were able to increase customer engagement, market share and bottom-line revenues.