Arlington Toyota

Project SOS
April 1, 2014
Clear Payment Solutions
March 28, 2014

Saving their Social Media from Monotony

According to Google, 95% of vehicle shoppers use digital channels to research their purchase. It is increasingly important for dealerships to have a comprehensive, cohesive online presence in all of the shopper’s spheres of influence. When Arlington Toyota approached us, they had a number of followers on Facebook and Twitter, but noticed that growth had stalled and they did not have the level of customer engagement they desired from their current fan base. They hired us to evaluate the tactics used on both platforms; solidify a social marketing plan of action; rebuild their fan base to better reflect their target demographic; and grow their brand image, identity and presence.

Arlington Toyota wanted to increase their Facebook and Twitter fan bases to ones that would not only provide visibility, but would also help draw in new customers by keeping Arlington Toyota at top-of-mind when their fans/followers were considering a new or used vehicle purchase. We came in and looked at the current social media analytics to pinpoint where the deficiencies were. We then created a strategic approach that targeted their specific demographic in order to increase customer interest and engagement. Our new campaigns consisted of specialized organic content on both platforms. These witty and engaging posts were relevant to their target audience and also boosted awareness of the brand. Using contests and giveaways, we also cross-promoted both social media outlets to encourage participation in all their social conversations.

Track the Toyota Promotion

The “Track the Toyota” special promotion included its own custom mini-site to promote Arlington Toyota’s social accounts and drive traffic to the main website.

Combining Content, Call-to-Actions and Cash

Example of Facebook Ads driving traffic to their website.

Example of Facebook Ads driving traffic to their website.

In addition to organic posts, we also utilized social ads to drive even more “likes” and “follows” from their target demographic. For Twitter, we created targeted ads and developed an ongoing “Track the Toyota” cash & prize giveaway (complete with its own website) to keep Twitter users engaged and excited about following the brand. For Facebook, we worked with the regional marketing division to deliver total concept, corporate-level ads to maintain consistency with the national Toyota brand. We also designed localized Facebook ads and boosted posts to ensure visibility across all available channels, offering something new and different from other local Toyota dealerships.

This combination approach delivered above and beyond expectations. As a result of our efforts, Arlington Toyota now has the largest fanbase of any Jacksonville car dealership on Facebook and Twitter to date. Their Facebook likes have increased over 50% and Twitter has increased over 30%, creating a surge in user engagement. Our strategic approach successfully reshaped Arlington Toyota’s social followers to be more in line with their target demographic, and has positioned them as a social leader and trailblazer in local automotive web marketing.