St. Vincent’s Healthcare

March 28, 2014
Venice Regional
March 28, 2014

Bridge building from patients to doctors.

One thing was well known when this project began for St. Vincent’s Diagnostic Cardiology Associates. They were among the best of the best in their field. But we noticed that their business model was more common, with a common problem: how to bring potential patients, and the doctors who can help them, together? There was no direct response mechanism in place to bring the patients and the hospitals together.

This is what we do. We notice such things. And we are experts in creating awareness and path-to-care channels which bring patient and treatment counts up. First, we conducted research to get to the reasons why patients weren’t coming to St. Vincent’s in larger numbers. It didn’t take long for our research to uncover two important facts: 1) Patients have gotten very good at doing their own research online; 2) Patients seek relationships with physicians first, and consider the hospital system they work for, a distant second.

The good news was that St. Vincent’s already had a great brand campaign selling the hospital system. And this positive brand image would be important to the success of our own campaign. But they needed more. They needed a bridge from patients, to the doctors at DCA. So we built that bridge–and brought the patients and the doctors together.

In the digital realm, bridges can be built with content. Editorial content that is gobbled up by the patients searching for answers. Articles. Trends. Blogs. Testimonials. And videos. Information seekers love videos, our research shows. So we gave them content. Content that connected them to the surgeons. And the bridge began to take shape.

Another interesting thing happens when patients get the information from the doctors themselves: they tend to write emails and make phone calls and visit the links to the websites that link them to the cardiologists at DCA. Best of all, every call, click and visit is trackable and measurable. Inquiries are up; procedures are up; the bridge is up.