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March 28, 2014
March 28, 2014

Distributor Engagement

Knowledge is power – but sometimes power is expensive.  QmiJAX came to us to develop a multilayer sales initiative that could benefit the manufacturer, distributor (our client) and the retailer.  They were responsible for distributing a device called a “CPT Test” that could tell if a car’s fuel system needed flushing just based on the exhaust that was coming out of the car – they provided this machine to test all customers visiting the retailer, in this case JiffyLube ACE, to determine if the customer needed a fuel system flush.  A free test, that cost nothing to perform, which could diagnose a potentially serious problem.  It should have been selling itself.  But it wasn’t. 

The problem looked like it might have been solved with some well-designed posters and POP displays, but we wanted to make sure.  We see ourselves as not just working for our clients, but also working for our client’s clients.  So we did an in-depth 30-day analysis of the whole process, as well as a customer profile.

It’s a good thing we did! As it turned out, there was a lot of cost going into printing of information so the customer would know about the CPT Test results; however, there was no system in place to follow up with customers who decided not to flush their fuel system that day, and not enough time for the technician to establish trust with the customers so as to sell the service effectively.  These problems cannot be solved with simple display signs, so we came up with a plan to save our client, and our client’s clients, a bunch of money.

We put together a plan to use digital tools so the customer could see their results without the high cost of printing, and to integrate promotions into Jiffy Lube’s customer relation management (CRM) software so that the car-owner could receive coupons even after they declined services that day.  It made it easy for the end user to know their options, and it gave them reasons to come back.

With the implementation of this campaign, sales of the fuel system flush are projected to increase profit by more than $1,000,000 and turned a 3% customer take rate to 50%!  This is the kind of knowledge that saves our clients tons of money and gives them the power they need to succeed.