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March 26, 2014
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March 26, 2014

Delivering national brand recognition

KLS Martin–USA hired The Connect Agency to launch a patient advocate campaign promoting the best reasons why anyone who requires an open-heart or other type of chest surgery, should want the closure of their sternum completed with the Sternal Talon®. The campaign focused on educating the patients scheduled for surgery, at-risk patients, and caregivers with a direct channel in provoking inquiry to a nurse and/or p.a. about the benefits of the Sternal Talon® vs. wire-closure. The overall strategy for this campaign was to target consumers by demographic guidelines with profiling specific habits focused by health, social, and occupational activities. These segments have specific existing channels, or the ability to create channels, for KLS Martin to directly communicate with the consumer.

A comprehensive message and idea strategy was determined in educating nine targets with a product brand promise, coupled with unique selling propositions to patients and delivered in the form of patient success stories created for specific channels. These stories were composed in many asset formats creating the ability to be independently viral. Selection of a great execution team ensured all points are accomplished with tone, messaging, tactics within selected channels, and measurable to have a successful campaign.

As outlined in each step of the approach, KLS Martin created a platform of continued interaction with the market working with the existing distribution channels of physician and surgeon markets. As the first phase of launching the campaign in the Southeast US market began to gain traction, we leveraged momentum by expanding to other North America sales markets as well as a longevity opportunity from caregivers that enter older years.

Overall, the campaign delivered national brand recognition and empowered the patient to request the Sternal Talon device from their physician which drove sales growth for KLS Martin.