ChemTec Equipment Co.

KLS Martin
March 26, 2014

When Knowledge Flows, Sales Do Too.

ChemTec is an engineering and manufacturing company specializing in low flow applications for flow meter technology. The company challenged Connect Agency to help identify and recruit distributors to sell their products because they don’t employ a full-time sales staff. In order to accomplish this, Connect needed to position ChemTec as an industry leader and product developer that independent sales representatives would want to sell for, then we needed to find them.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.05.02 AMWhere To Look

Paid advertisements in industry publications can be effective but very costly, plus we needed to build rapport first and traditional advertising only allows one-way communication. Targeting social media, the manufacturing industry doesn’t have a strong following on Facebook.  It was clear that the platform ChemTec needed to have a strong presence on was LinkedIn. Through the creation of a company page and distributor profile, we are able to connect with current and potential distributors around the world.

Educate With Relevant Content

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 12.13.23 PMOur strategy to recruit new distributors began with creating content that’s relevant and timely within the industries they serve. We started small by producing regular industry blogs as an entry point, then slowly increased our efforts as we built trust by producing client case studies, application spotlights, research and development articles on recent customized products and product one-sheeters which sales reps could use in the field. As more content was pushed out, we gradually increased ChemTec’s authority to the point we could require names and emails in order to access the content. With a growing database of our target distributors, we launched a bimonthly e-newsletter. With each e-newsletter, we are able to educate sales reps about ChemTec products and incentive them to sell those products.

Build The Army

Marketing materials are shared within groups and spark discussions that get more eyes to the ChemTec brand and website. From 0 to 235 followers, ChemTec is now a top contributor in manufacturing group discussions and provide their audience with the tools they need to succeed.

Having frequent two-way communication with distributors is how ChemTec continues to increase product sales, while the LinkedIn network has allowed them to build their army of sales reps in the field selling their products.

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