Biosense Webster

Atlantic Quality Parts
March 28, 2014
KLS Martin
March 26, 2014

Connecting the dots between manufacturer, physician, patient & hospital.

Times have changed. Patients are more empowered than ever to make their own healthcare decisions. They are researching symptoms, treatments and medications on their own, and finding a plethora of relevant content to help shape their decisions.

Connecting the Dots

Biosense Webster (part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies) selected us to connect the dots in a meaningful way between the device manufacturer, physician, patient and hospital. We needed to launch a patient awareness campaign promoting the best reasons why anyone who has been diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation should be treated with Biosense Webster technologies.

The campaign educates patients while creating a direct connection to the physicians that would be performing the procedure. The challenge is to build brand awareness for the BWI technologies and establish a trust with the physicians group, all while increasing patient treatments for the hospital.

The Trusted Authority

So we launched an earned media campaign that established continued interaction between the media and our in-network physicians. By positioning these physicians as thought leaders regarding atrial fibrillation treatment, who utilize the products and technology from Biosense Webster, we positioned the physicians’ group as not only the leading center for treatment, but also promoted Biosense Webster as the trusted authority in ablation and atrial fibrillation.


As stories were generated and the patient population was made aware of the physician expertise and the benefit of being treated with Biosense Webster technology, Connect established a trackable “path-to-care” system. All efforts were track-able to ensure an uptick in patient treatments. This was hospital- or physicians group-specific, and driven through the web where we knew patients were turning for their healthcare research. cs-biosense1We developed market-specific micro-sites to capture those patients and direct inquiries to qualified physicians utilizing Biosense Webster products in their practice.

The campaign became turn-key and duplicated in other markets, which was then adapted to support or eliminate cost of other national marketing initiatives. We not only delivered a 4X advertising value return on secured content placements, but more importantly–we helped them surpass all previous procedure counts.