Atlantic Quality Parts

Venice Regional
March 28, 2014
Biosense Webster
March 26, 2014

New Product Launch & Retail Co-Op Program

New Product Launch & Retail Co-Op Program

Atlantic Quality Parts approached Connect to develop a strong brand for a new line of tractor filters and build a dealer co-op promotion campaign that would drive demand from the end user. Our research told us dealers were struggling with two points of pain; 1. customers were leaving their store to make their tractor filter purchases at a local discount auto parts store because of the perceived cost savings; 2. they were struggling to grow their tractor service business, which is extremely profitable for a dealer.

Direct Sales

These insights lead us to create a consumer driven promotion and a dealer co-op promotion that created more tractor service business for the dealer through an incentive program for the farmer. The farmer valued the savings on the tractor filter purchase and was incentivized to make that purchase with his local tractor dealer. The dealer valued the new service business that added to his profitability and created long term relationships with the end user. The typical tractor has a 30+ year lifespan so this service business has enormous potential.

Customer Loyalty & Return Sales

trac-picAt the same time, Connect developed a contest/promotion tied to a leisure activity that both dealer and consumer could participate in that creates an experience around TRAC’s heavy-duty brand.

The dealer and consumer are asked to submit a personal story or experience that is reflective of a heavy-duty moment. It can be specific to the tractor or farming industry or based around their leisure activities like hunting, dirt biking, truck mudding, etc. These are topics the dealer and consumer are already discussing on a daily basis with their peers, the promotion will simply encourage them to share these stories with TRAC for a chance to win and be recognized as having “Heavy-Duty Pride.”

The concept influenced the dealer and end-user to increase brand impressions for TRAC by asking them to share with their friends, family and circle of influence, thus taking the brand viral. The net result is a database of consumers for future marketing initiatives and filter sales within the dealerships while submitting their entries.

Consumer Shopper Habits and Insights

The co-op idea described above for Atlantic Quality Parts and the roll-out of their new line of tractor filters was based on extensive consumer and dealer habits we gathered. Phone interviews with dealers, electronic consumer surveys and participation in online discussion boards and industry forums were used to capture information so we could review and develop unexpected insights. Those insights told us our marketing efforts should be focused on the dealers. Consumers valued the opinions and recommendations from their local dealer on which filters they should purchase for their tractors. If we could reach and incentivize the dealers to recommend the TRAC filters, we would have a direct link to the end user. So we decided to help the dealer and, in doing so, it would indirectly drive TRAC filter sales.