Case Studies, Client Examples

Case Studies, Client Examples

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Member Benefits

Member Benefits needed to find a way to increase their penetration of association members who would sign up for health insurance benefits and benefits-related incentives. They hired us to come in and create a plan to increase awareness, target the association member roster, and improve tactics for member participation in their online marketplace for effective results.

Our Client’s Goal

Member Benefits sells health insurance benefits plans to large associations and like-minded industry professionals across the country and needed to increase the number of members who used their services and resources while positioning themselves as a thought leader and trusted advisor for all things benefits related. memberbenefits-webupdatesThe ultimate goal was to assist Member Benefits in becoming the leading provider for association member benefits.

How We Helped

We assessed the current marketing tactics used that have been successful in getting members enrolled. We implemented additional strategies and tactics that highlighted the services, convenience and value to members, as well as redesigned areas of their association websites to improve visitor flow. Our implementation strategies included production of relevant and timely content to the members through the use of white papers, email blasts, blogs on the website featuring varied topics, social posts, and webinars.

Strategy Highlight: Webinars

Webinars were held on a monthly basis, serving as a lead generator for prospective members, and a value-added service for existing association members. Promoting through email and social media, viewers could sign up to be informed when the next webinar would be held, apply for the specific service or insurance product discussed during the webinar, and/or opt-in for additional Member Benefits information. 

memberbenefits-webinarsThe most successful webinar to date has been “When Medicare Isn’t Enough.” Promoted to their top 5 associations via email, in the blog and on social media, there were a total of 233 signups and 134 total attendees — so many it prompted the need to open a second registration. We sent post-webinar follow up emails to both attendees and non-attendees, with information on the products discussed as well as links to sign up or receive additional information. New contacts were added to email lists to receive future webinar dates and product information, and the webinar replay was added to the website behind a form to capture additional leads.

Deeper Connections Drive Revenue

Through the use of continued, consistent education, we informed current members on how they could save money on their insurance needs, which new plans to consider and why, enrollment deadlines, and new products or services coming in the near future that could impact their current plans.  As a result of these and other efforts, we have been able to connect with association members on a much deeper level than previously achieved, substantially increasing Member Benefits’ enrollment numbers. This helped directly drive revenue to their bottom line.

These new tactics allowed Member Benefits to keep top-of-mind awareness with association members, while positioning themselves as a trusted source and thought leader within the industry. We were successful in increasing readership and viewership. in 2015 Member Benefits was also listed as the 8th Fastest-growing Private Company in Northeast Florida by the Jacksonville Business Journal.

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