Case Studies, Client Examples

Case Studies, Client Examples

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Lexicon Relocation

Visual Stories Make An Impact.

Lexicon provides relocation services to Fortune 100 companies all across the globe. Although frequently short-listed with these companies during the RFP process, they found it difficult to move past the presentation phase, often losing the final contract to larger relocation companies. We were hired to come in and assess how they were telling their story, find the deficiencies, retool their strategy and help position them as a top contender in the market to win contracts.

Lexicon had all the services and reach their larger competitors did, with the same (if not better) ability to fulfill the contracts they pursued, but had issues clearly telling their story in a succinct but powerful way. Their current brochure and information packet was over 20 pages long!  There was also a lack of communication in conveying the myriad of services they offered, and why they were the best choice for the job. While they did an outstanding job for their current clients, they could not move past the perception of being too small to deliver on larger corporate contracts.

Once we understood the issues, our team conducted market research and gathered insights by interviewing existing customers and vendors. Through the information gathered from the research and phone interviews, four key differentiators were discovered, which became the core focus of their new sales collateral. We condensed their brochure to a visually stimulating four-page company overview filled with infographics, statistics and trends, showcasing how Lexicon provides proven, actionable results. The PowerPoint presentation was also revamped into a short, customer-focused deliverable that positioned them as a flexible and agile company that could personalize their needs and their ever-changing demands. Both pieces highlighted their use of technology, their superior communication, their transparency with clients, and their global capabilities.



With our changes, Lexicon is now able to provide a great tool for their salespeople to differentiate them from the competition while creating a niche for themselves as a worthy contender in the market. This helped restructure their brand image while tailoring the presentation package in a quick and concise way for impactful results that would help them move past the short-list into the winner’s circle. Since updating their marketing materials and strategy, the client has been successfully received in the industry with glowing reviews.