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Case Studies, Client Examples

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Ginnis & Krathen

Ginnis & Krathen is a personal injury law firm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They hired us to help them with two very specific goals. First, to improve their marketing to encourage engagement with current and potential clients. And second, to market their unique brand to propel them to the position of becoming a thought leader in their industry. They sought to highlight the difference between their firm and every general law firm in the area and realized that their staff’s time and energy needed to be focused on their successful practice.

They didn’t want to hire someone in-house to take over the large position of all marketing and social media materials and they knew it wouldn’t be productive to have someone on staff learn these skills. So, they hired us to not only develop their marketing strategy but to create and manage the content for their online presence.

How We Met Their Goals

Ginnis & Krathen wanted to ensure their clients and prospects could feel personally cared for in every interaction. It was important that their interest in creating a personal connection resonated in all ginnis-krathen-sitecontent, from email blasts through website copy and social media posts. It’s one of the factors that makes their business model truly unique in the field of law.

Our team assessed their current site and enhanced content, creating a eye-catching presence for an expanding readership, which highlights their unique presence as a truly boutique agency. The creation process included an updating of all content and SEO on their existing site, as well as new resources pages. We also created a custom landing page, which serves the purpose of capturing prospective client data while offering them free ebooks on legal services.

blog-feed-gkrEvery month we create, distribute, and report on new content, including client testimonials, blog posts, and any new and trending information in the field. This ongoing content also includes email blasts to bring clients back to the website and social media account management for Facebook and YouTube.

The staff at Ginnis & Krathen opted to have our agency handle full service of their online content. This alleviated their staff from having to learn these skills and allowed them to concentrate on the engrossing work that they do for their clients.

Reaching Goals Without the Struggle

Ginnis & Krathen have seen an upswing in their marketing ROI without sacrificing the hundreds of hours it would take to accomplish this goal in-house. Their website has branded them as the boutique agency that they are, building a foundation of trust and personalized service with new clients. All of their online social profiles and portals reflect the same high standard of care, which the firm strives to maintain in their real life practice, building a specific brand that differentiates them from every other practice in their market.