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Case Studies, Client Examples

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Gator Bowl Sports

Gator Bowl Sports: Forging Ahead

For over 70 years, The Gator Bowl Association had primarily focused on college football with the annual Gator Bowl game, but wanted to revamp the organization to focus on annual economic growth through multiple sporting events and charitable giving. In order to accomplish this, a new Gator Bowl Sports alignment was created: the TaxSlayer Bowl Game, the Jacksonville Sports Council and Gator Bowl Sports Charities.

Public Visibility

While this new corporate structure was a great idea, getting the information to the public in a way that would highlight the new changes and new name was going to be difficult. The Association needed to tell their story, but get away from their reputation of only being concerned with the historic annual Gator Bowl.  They needed to convey their new name and initiatives while getting buy-in from the committee members and key supporters to effectively explain the changes to the general public.


Empower Supporters To Be Your Voice

With any company rebrand or corporate announcement, effective communication can be difficult especially for those with limited marketing budgets. Knowing we had budget constraints yet had a complex story to tell, we developed a Brand Ambassador Program that would unveil the new GBS alignment for us in a more personal way.

Committee members were educated about the new alignment through multiple touch points – web, print, video, email and direct mail. The combination of multiple sensory inputs was essential for our ability to effectively educate the committee as everyone retains information differently. After we felt confident in our message training, we then empowered committee members to share the GBS announcement with their social circles. With more than 500 active members, our reach and ability to communicate with the public in a more meaningful way was exponentially improved.

Effective Partnerships

By implementing our Brand Ambassador program, Gator Bowl Sports was able to engage their sponsors, committee members and general public with great success. Based on the end of campaign survey results, 78% of the ambassadors felt confident in their ability to share the news with their social circle. The use of brand ambassadors helped Gator Bowl Sports reach their target audience and the larger public in an engaging and positive way that demonstrated their dedication to increasing economic growth and charitable giving to create effective partnerships for the future.