Case Studies, Client Examples

Case Studies, Client Examples

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Developing a Brand Authority

First Coast Wealth Advisors wanted to revamp their marketing approach by creating content to further position themselves as industry experts and thought leaders in the area of financial planning in the First Coast. In order to accomplish this, a digital lead generation initiative was created. The campaign aims to improve the website’s search performance and generate traffic flows to create consumer goodwill that leads to real conversions.

Industry Content Creationfcwa-newsletter-building-authority

Building authority starts with content creation, and content creation starts with a sound blogging strategy. Having a business blog gives customers and prospects a reason to visit your site more than once. It’s a place for clients to come looking for the information they need, the questions they want answered. First Coast Wealth Advisor’s blog posts are written with a specific voice and purpose, depending on the topics found through keyword and competitor research.

Content needs to be memorable, informative and engaging. In financial planning, it’s important to make sure people understand the content you write and share, or else the purpose is lost. The goal is to help people in need of financial planning assistance find answers to their questions, and when they visit the First Coast Wealth Advisors website, find the information they need quickly. Forms embedded on website pages capture prospect’s information and level of buying interest to create an active sales funnel for follow up.


White Papers


By definition, white papers are an authoritative report that helps readers understand and issue, solve a problem, or make a decision. First Coast Wealth Advisors wants to show their expertise and knowledge in wealth management and financial planning. Enter the first white paper, “7 Steps to Financial Planning for Divorcees.” Not only does this white paper provide expert knowledge, but the topic, unfortunately, is very relevant considering today’s high divorce rates.

White papers and blogs are compiled into a company newsletter to keep their existing contacts up to date on what First Coast Wealth Advisors is up to. Although the campaign is in its early stages, First Coast Wealth Advisors’ website optimization, monthly newsletters, LinkedIn recruitment and content creation has already positioned them as industry leaders in the area of financial planning.