Case Studies, Client Examples

Case Studies, Client Examples

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Creating a marketing plan that ensures long-term success can be a challenge. DVI came to us to develop a strategy that would address several issues they faced. Due to the size and sprawl of Jacksonville, many residents were disconnected from Downtown with necessary amenities available in their own suburban neighborhoods. They also faced the challenge of needing additional funding streams. All in all, we needed to create an additional revenue source, support and market different merchants in the downtown area, and make downtown more vibrant.

Membership Creation

We did a deep dive into the underlying issues, the services of the merchants in the area, and how they could all work together to make an impact. Understanding the vision of downtown and the dire need to increase revenues in the area, we came up with a campaign strategy that was branded as a membership campaign. A membership program offers the community a sense of ownership of Downtown and allows DVI to mobilize an “army of supporters” to experience Downtown.

discover-the-deals-blogUtilizing Discounts

Residents could join by donating at the minimum price point of $20, with every individual member gaining access to benefits and incentives that would draw interest and activate downtown. We created cards that would provide a reason to come downtown to enjoy the discount offerings. Every merchant and business in the area participated, offering significant specials and discounts, such as getting a free appetizer, 20% off, BOGO days and more.

This not only created interest, but began to revitalize the area, rebranding it as a hub of activity. With the new revenue, DVI organized social events, behind-the scenes tours and volunteer opportunities for residents to become familiar with all the merchants and offerings in the area.

Bringing More People Downtown

This campaign significantly increased the amount of foot traffic downtown by activating the streets with card holders participating in the member-only socials and partaking in the merchant deals. The initial target was to sell 1000 cards within the first six months, but we surpassed that goal within the first three. The campaign drove new business for all merchants, helped provide the additional revenue source, and breathed new life into an area that needed a spark. With a new direction, DVI fulfilled its obligation of making the downtown area a viable place to live, work and play, while infusing interest and an attractive way to revitalize the area.

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