Case Studies, Client Examples

Case Studies, Client Examples

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Deerwood Country Club

Deerwood Country Club was having trouble attracting new members and needed to find a way to market their membership to prospects both within and outside the community. They found that despite a recent brand update and new marketing materials, they were having difficulty connecting with their target membership base. To help better understand the reasons why, they brought us in to identify their ideal member, profile them based on the likes and preferences, and make strategic recommendations on how to attract those prospect members based on the key insights we uncovered.

The overall goal of this project was to provide Deerwood Country Club with a succinct member profile report that their marketing and membership departments could use as a guide in future campaigns and messaging.    

Our Strategic Approach

After speaking with the staff and auditing current communication and marketing efforts, we decided the best course of action was the following three steps:

  • deerwood-age-demographic-surveySurvey their existing members and prospective members to build an ideal member profile based on member demographics, habits, and preferences.
  • Analyze the data to provide a deeper understanding of what benefits and activities current members and potential members value the most in the community.
  • Research and compile a variety of marketing tactics to provide them direction for all future campaigns to increase results.

Presenting Our Findings

Based on the results of the member profile survey and online search habit research, we discovered why the marketing efforts weren’t producing satisfactory results. Their “new” ideal member valued a different country club experience then their existing base and the marketing messages were not resonating.

deerwood-survey-amenitiesIt became clear that their ideal members did not highly value the tone of their recent brand refresh, which promoted the legacy and history of the club. They live active lifestyles and have young kids so need a membership that provides for each member of the family. In addition to this, we were able to identify their amenity preferences and create messaging strategies around each. Changing the messaging focus from club legacy to club facilities aligned with their target member’s needs and therefore increased inquiries.

In the end, our work with Deerwood Country Club shows the importance of market research before starting campaigns. At Connect, we believe that preliminary research is a vital part that cannot be skipped over. To read more about research for your business, check out our newest blog, “Do You Truly Know Your Audience?” See why you need to catch these problems early and how surveying your customers frequently can ultimately help your business.